King of Vegas (City of Sinners 1)

Author: Sienne Vega
Category: Romance | Erotic | Crime
Series: City of Sinners
Total pages: 96

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King of Vegas (City of Sinners 1)

I witness a crime I have no business seeing. Now I’m in the clutches of a powerful and deadly mafia boss.

From the moment he comes into the Dollhouse, he won’t take his eyes off me.
He might be just what I need. A big spender to help me with my money issues.
But there’s just one problem.
This is no average man. This is Giovanni Sorrentino, the new King of Vegas.
And when I stumble on something I shouldn’t, I realize I’m in big trouble.
Now it’s more than just money on the line.
I’m a goner unless I accept his deal—vow to be his, and I get to live.
But how long will it be before this savage King tires of his new toy?

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