Clean Sweep (Dirty Desires 2)

Author: K.L. Ramsey
Category: Erotic | Romance
Series: Dirty Desires
Total pages: 30

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Clean Sweep (Dirty Desires 2)

Shelby Leigh was searching for a fresh start when she decided why not find it in France? After losing her mother to a devastating illness, Shelby packed up her stuff and moved to France to work as the concierge for the little boutique hotel that she had found online. The problem was, she applied to the maid’s position, not the concierge and now, she was stuck. With no money and no real prospects, she accepted the position and moved into the hotel. If she was going to have to clean up after hotel guests and scrub toilets, at least she was doing it in France.

Declan Gunderson and Tanner Rose were not only best friends, but they were business partners with dreams of turning their hotel business into a franchise in America. They wanted to invest in the boutique hotel boom that was taking over Europe and decided that a trip to France might be the best way to do some research and blow off some steam. But the guys had very different ideas about how to go about doing that. Tanner wanted Declan to let loose and put a woman between the two of them again—like they had in their college days. Declan just wanted to concentrate on work and building the empire that they had started together.

Stumbling across sexy Shelby wasn’t something that either of them planned, but the Southern belle had them tied up in knots. Now, all they had to do was get her to agree to be with them both, or they’d have to admit defeat and that was something neither of them was good at doing.

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