Shifter Island

Author: Lilly Wilder
Category: Erotic | Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 65

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Shifter Island

Two bear shifters chose me.

My mate rejected me.
My family disowned me.
Forced to flee to an island, I soon find myself in danger.

To my surprise, two shifters come to my rescue.
Gabriel is smooth, witty, and hot as sin.
Esteban is quiet, intense, and magnetic.

These bad boys claim they want to protect me and mate with me.
I don’t believe them.
Doesn’t the scar running down my face bother them?

Apparently not, because neither keeps their distance.
My heart isn’t sure about this, but my body craves both males.

When Gabriel’s lips caress my neck, I melt into him.
When Esteban’s strong hands explore every inch of me, I beg for more.

Inch by inch I give myself to them.

Can we overcome the evil of this island together?
Or will the two alphas discard me once they grow bored with me?

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