Fake It Till We Break It

Author: Tyla Walker
Category: Romance
Total pages: 72

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Fake It Till We Break It

How do you stop a forced wedding? Get fake married to someone else!

Josephine has a mom whose hospital bills are mounting and a coffee shop whose sales are tanking. When she meets Aiden, he offers to take care of all her troubles if she helps him with his. And what does he need?

A fake wife.

See, Aiden is trying to stop his dad forcing him to marry his ex and needs a fake engagement and fake wedding planned at a fabulous resort should do the trick.

But his ex is a vicious Becky and isn't letting go.

She'll snoop and sneak and try to break up their fake engagement. These two better work closely to keep their secret. But will they work too closely and...

Really fall in love?

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