Author: Charlotte McGinlay
Category: Biker | Romance | MC
Total pages: 59

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FlameWe’ve been best friends for as long as I can remember, grown up together.But I’ve been in love with her since she was sixteen,The problem; there’s eight years between us,And she deserves a better life than what I can give her,One without the MC.I push her away, throwing women in her face, including her own sister hoping she’ll hate me,But It was all a mistake and I realised too late,She gets hurt because of the MC, because of me,She blames me and leaves me without a trace.Until I finally find her.She’s in danger but she’s stubborn.I want her home, in my life, in my arms where she belongs.I know I screwed up but I’m willing to do anything to have her back,Including kidnapping her.Because whether she likes it or not, she’s mine.Always has been, always will be.And ready or not Star, I’m coming for you.StarI’ve been in love with my best friend for as long as I can remember.He was my hero, my heart.But he kept pushing me away, throwing women in my face whenever he could.Including my own sister who uses me whenever she can as her piggy bank.I try to just be his friend but it’s hard,He hurts me every day thinking I’m better without this life, without him,But he forgets, I was born into it, born to be his.I’m the club princess while he’s always been my biker prince.And I wanted him, he just didn’t want me enough back to fight.Then I get hurt because of him, because of the club,And I know I can’t stay; I have to leave.Leave him.I decide to give him a part of me no one ever has before leaving for good,Finding my own path without my demons,Without my mother and sister taking everything from me,Without the man who I loved more anything but treated me like crap in return.Without my family.I guess I didn’t think he’d try to find me,But I’m not their Starfish anymore, or his Firefly.He may come after me and try to bring me home but I won’t make it easy for him.I won’t fall at his knees anymore, I won’t let his touch ignite me,Instead I’m going to watch him burn from the fire for what he put me through.Come and get me Flame, I dare you.

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