Valentine in a Kilt

Author: Anna Durand
Category: Romance | Adult
Total pages: 113

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Valentine in a Kilt

A mature woman shouldn’t have sex with her new boss on day one. But I did that. Now I will erase that memory from my mind. Until he speaks to me in that sultry Scottish brogue again…

Why did I move to another country on the other side of an ocean? To shake up my life. I accepted a job as marketing director of a boutique whisky distillery in the Scottish Highlands. But I have bigger problems than knowing nothing about whisky. My boss, Thane Buchanan, is gorgeous and sexy—and I have no self-control when I’m around him.

Rebecca Taylor turns me into a randy teenager again. I’m too bloody old to crave a woman so intensely that I seduce her at work. I need to focus on crafting unique whiskies, but all I can think about is the American lass who has captivated me. I will never shag her again. Unless she wears those stiletto heels…

But my secrets and both our families are getting in the way of our romance. And I’m in trouble with a capital T.

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