Baby Daddy Wanted

Author: Hazel Kelly
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 132

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Baby Daddy Wanted

The stunning brunette perched on my favorite barstool has baby fever.

It’s one of the first things she tells me when I sit beside her after playing my set. She’s also just been dumped, but it's her Scotch that tells me that.

Talk about a bundle of baggage a bachelor like me doesn’t need in his life.

Yet there’s something about her that intrigues me, something that makes me believe she’d completely unravel if I could just find the thread that has her so tightly wound.

But she doesn’t give me the chance.

She dashes out before midnight like a fairytale princess with a pumpkin to catch.

She’ll be back, though. Not because I’m a suitable baby daddy, but because I’ve agreed to help her find one.

It’s the perfect arrangement.

We’ll flirt, have some filthy fun, and when she finds a man who meets her sky-high standards, I’ll bow out gracefully. No mess. No fuss. No feelings.

What could possibly go wrong?


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