Pregnant By the Bratva

Author: Kira Fyre
Category: Romance | Erotic | Crime
Total pages: 58

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Pregnant By the Bratva

I was seduced by a stranger, surprised with an unplanned pregnancy and now I’m forced to marry the Bratva Boss.

I gave my innocence to a stranger on a flight, the mile high club now has new meaning.
Little did I know that Sergey Orlov was a mafia kingpin, or my father’s enemy.
He’s ruthless, much older, and dangerously handsome. He me quiver from his touch.
Now I’m pregnant, and forced to marry him or my father will pay with his life.

My sick father is in debt, too much debt.
As a flight attendant, I take every shift I can to repay these debts.
Little did I know the man that seduced me into the mile high club, is the same man my father is indebted too.
Instead of taking my father’s life and selling his organs to cover the debt, Sergey gives him a choice.
His life, or my hand in marriage.

I’m forced to marriage the mafia monster.
Before my father’s sudden natural death, he tells me to run away.
I do, taking my secret pregnancy with me.
But Sergey finds me, and now I’m forced to marry this possessive kingpin.

Will I pay for my father’s debts for the rest of my life? How can I hate Sergey when I constantly crave his touch?

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