Diamond Heart

Author: B.B. Hamel
Category: Romance | Adult | Dark
Total pages: 110

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Diamond Heart

My super-controlling boss saved my life. Now I'm his fake wife... and I owe him everything.

Gareth Kane is the definition of bosshole: intense, picky, critical, stupidly handsome, and an overall pain in my behind.

Too bad I need this job. My BFF moved away, my parents got into swinging (don’t ask), I’m drowning in student loans, and my apartment burned to the ground.

Hello, rock. I’m bottom.

But to make it even worse, I walk in on Gareth discussing some very illegal plans with a bunch of gangsters, and he says the only thing that’ll keep me alive: Don't worry about Fiona. She’s my new wife.

Sorry, what now? I would’ve remembered marrying a psychopath like Gareth.

After the shock wears off, he makes me an offer. We pretend to be married, he protects me from his crazy gangster clients, and I play the part to make sure they never find out he’s lying.

It’s a lose-lose situation, but I like being alive more than being dead, so I’m going with it.

My new husband is a neat freak, insists on treating me like his actual bride, and loves to tease me mercilessly.

He’s also gorgeous, sensual, caring, and makes sure I’m always looked after.

I hate him, right up until I realize I don’t.

And then? Well, not all fake marriages stay fake for long.

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