Untamed Obsession

Author: Faye Pierce
Category: Erotic | Adult | Romance
Total pages: 63

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Untamed Obsession

I should’ve never come after him. He is a monster…

One car accident is all it took for Angelo Preston to come and rock my world.

I was determined to find the man who almost put an end to my life and make him pay.

I don’t even want to think what would happen to my dying mother if she had lost me and the little I make as a nurse.

Yet, I never realized I got trapped in the devil's claws. Until it was too late…

A dangerous Mafia Boss that kills without even blinking is far from my cup of tea.

But the moment I knocked on his door and laid eyes on him, I was a lost cause. I got too carried away by his sweet torture and damned the consequences.

For he made me feel things that I thought I was never capable of.

Now, I’m doomed to love a ruthless murderer that will only destroy me…

I am his forever to break…

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