Warlander Grizzly

Author: T.S. Joyce
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 78

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Warlander Grizzly

Landon Fuller has been lusting over Lucia for years. There are a few problems that are keeping him from pursuing her. One, she is a seer coming into her powers, which is equal parts hot, and also terrifying—which is sexy, because Landon, in true Fuller fashion, is attracted to things that scare him. Problem number two? She doesn’t know he exists. She’s gorgeous, has the perfect rack, could chill a man’s blood with a look, and knows big words. She’s the most beguiling, intelligent, and intimidating creature he’s ever seen, and lately, they are being forced into the same territory. When he figures out he can easily fluster her, the game is on, and his inner bear is on the hunt.
Problem number three—Lucia’s most recent vision includes him destroying everything.

Lucia Novak is the daughter of a famous seer, and she has unfortunately inherited the sight. Her unwelcome powers are ruining her life, and to protect others around her, Lucia has withdrawn from the world. She can see what will happen to the people she cares about before it even happens, and trouble is coming for her newly formed Warlander Crew. And in the midst of all that trouble? There is one savagely strong, tall-as-a-house and wide-as-a-barn, dominant, delinquent Fuller brother. Landon is trouble with a capital T, and for some reason, he has his attention set on her, and to be honest, he is proving to be an entertaining distraction. The more she gets to know about the Healer of Damon’s Mountains, the more she thinks she may have misjudged him.

If only Landon wasn’t going to do what she knows he will, perhaps she could let her guard down, but this dominant grizzly shifter has a dark destiny that will burn everything she loves to the ground.

Landon Fuller is her enemy, and she will stop at nothing to protect the mountains she loves, and her heart, from him.

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