Midlife Billionaire's Fake Marriage

Author: Claire Angel
Category: Billionaire Romance | Romance
Total pages: 51

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Midlife Billionaire's Fake Marriage

A vacation to consider my options—marry a woman I don’t love or disappoint my parents—seems like the right idea.
And I’m right, because on that trip, I find the solution.
A fake marriage to a woman who intrigues the hell out of me.
But… Is it really a solution?
Or I am inviting bigger trouble for myself?

My parents arranged my marriage to a beautiful, wealthy woman. But I need to get away…
I am clear about one thing that I don’t need marriage troubles.
I have hell lot of money and I can easily find a woman to fake a marriage with me, especially when the marriage comes with huge benefits.
And I just found a perfect woman easily.

Stacia is perfect for being my fake wife. And she guess what? She accepts my offer…
She seems having some secret. And I know it is none of my business but I want to know.
I’ll seduce her and discover what she’s hiding. Except… my feelings are getting in the way.
She is off limits. She is a magnet, who pulls me towards her every time I am around her.

She’s saving me from a bad marriage, from loneliness, hell, from myself.
I am finding myself helpless.
She is like a drug, the more I get, the more I crave her.
I can get any woman I want, except the one I’m yearning after.
Can you imagine, most powerful billionaire who in his midlife behaving like a teenager?

Everything was going as I per my plan but suddenly too much is at stake.
Sometimes, the past comes back to haunt us.
And it is painful to know some problems can’t be fixed with money and some hurts can’t be smoothed over with love.
I just got to know her secret. But I’m not afraid of skeletons in the closet; I have some of my own.

Stacia… she’s going to turn my whole world upside down. Who would have thought a fake marriage could cost me everything—including my heart?

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