Ruined By the Rook

Author: Samantha Barrett
Category: Romance | Adult
Total pages: 31

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Ruined By the Rook


This should have been a story about the youngest sibling being rescued and returned to his family, grateful, happy, overcome with gratitude to be safe and home again.

What a crock of sh*t that is.

That isn’t how my story goes, I’m not grateful and I sure as hell am not thankful.

I lived in fear for eight months while my family lived happily, banged their girls, pro created and carried on like I didn’t even exist.

Nah, this isn’t some story with a happy ending.

This is the story of how they all came to be Ruined By The Rook, especially her.


In four years, he has changed so much.

He used to be kind, loving, funny but now, he’s ruthless, angry and downright cold.

Darkness never clung to him before, now he is shrouded in it.

I swore I would never come back to this place, I told myself Rook Murdoch was dead to me.

One look at him and all my feelings come rushing back, the shame, guilt, lust and worst of all, love.

The way he looks at me now tells me he wants to see me burn in agony, I have nothing left to lose and I won’t survive running from him again.

If allowing him to bully me and set me ablaze is what he needs to heal from his demons, then I’ll happily be Ruined By The Rook.