Angel Shot

Author: M.J. Herald
Category: Romance
Total pages: 23

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Angel Shot

Becoming the office manager for the Barracudas MC was not part of Amy Robinson’s five-year plan. But when jobs are tight and your bank account hovers in the three-digit range, you do what you have to do to survive. It wasn’t perfect, but it was working. That is, until she witnessed a murder.
Now, her plan is just to stay alive.
Landing in Graceport, Maine, she changes her name and starts a new life. And to her surprise, it is a happy life.
Until the Barracudas find her.

After his career as an MMA fighter ended, Colt Garrett returned to his hometown and opened a bar. Life is good. Business is good. Dates are plentiful. Yet, he just can’t seem to find “the one.”
Until one night, Ellie, the pretty girl who works behind the counter at his favorite coffee shop, orders an Angel Shot.
The need to protect her and the need to have her is all he can think about. Will he be able to have her? Or will his “one” get away?