Author: Stefanie Dawn
Category: Romance | Science Fiction | Fantasy | Paranormal
Total pages: 52

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I’ve been abducted, torn from my home, experimented on, then left stranded on a strange planet.

The other girls who were abducted with me are out there somewhere, and I need to navigate an unfamiliar landscape to find them, while fighting for survival. Easy, right?

Things are complicated further when I find an alien.
Or more to the point, he finds me.

He won’t leave me alone, no matter what I do. And, as we spend more time together, the way I’m drawn to him defies reason and logic—he’s protective and caring in a way I crave.

But then a contradicting side of him emerges—a wild beast driven by primal instincts, savage and unpredictable.

And I wonder if I’m safer without him.

As the line between survival and desire blurs, it becomes undeniably clear that there are few things more distracting than a sexy alien determined to keep me happy.

I must be crazy. The way he looks at and touches me should be terrifying, but instead I really, really like it.

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