Iron Rings

Author: B.B. Hamel
Category: Erotic | Romance | Adult
Total pages: 114

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Iron Rings

I was arranged to marry his brother. Except Gian stole me away.

I fell for Gian Rossi back in college. He was everything I wanted: gorgeous, intelligent, dedicated, and completely forbidden.

Too bad he broke my heart.

Now, years later, I’m supposed to marry his brother. It’s an arrangement between our families and I don’t have any other choice but to swallow my pride and accept.

But when Gian comes roaring back into my life, all I can do is obsess over him. I hate that man, but he’s only gotten better with age. Muscular, grumpy, gorgeous, the sort of guy that looks like trouble in all the best ways.

Then one night, he offers me a deal. Marry him instead of his brother, and he’ll free me after one year.

Which is how I find myself walking down the aisle with the man I despise most in this world.

I thought he was trying to atone for his mistakes, but it’s much worse. Gian wants to own me, and now he has one year to make me forget what happened between us.

He’ll do anything it takes, from making me sleep in his bed, to flattering me with gifts and compliments.

Only I’ll never get over what he did, not even when I end up tangled in his sheets.


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