The Masked Menage, an Erotic Novel (First Time Taboo Agency 2)

At last, it's here, Lulu Cherry's first full-length erotic novel! You know it's going to be hot! This novel contains everything!

Molly is a lost nineteen-year-old brat. She wants only one thing. To spend her first time with a man she knows only from her dreams.

Her quest leads her first to an early tryst with her best friend, Sandy. And then to the First Time Taboo Agency, where she hopes they can locate her mystery man.

From there Molly is sent to a wild erotic party where anything can and does happen. No wonder everyone there wears a mask. Never has so much decadence been captured in a single novel!

As Molly begins to experiment will she lose her purity? How exactly is Molly tempted?

Oh, what naughtiness is contained in this novel. Yes, there are ordinary erotic encounters. But there's also threesomes and foursomes and just about whatever else you might be able to imagine. And in all possible combinations! And in all kinds of ways!

There are scenes of interracial love. There's at least one big black man that knows the true meaning of love.

But who is the man of the house that Molly most yearns for? Will she find him? Among so much temptation will she be able to save her purity for him? And will she be willing to share him? With who?

You can't miss this hot new release from Lulu Cherry!

Trigger Warning: This novel contains a variety of taboo fantasies. What specifically? Well, almost anything you can imagine. If you think that might disturb you, you should not read it.

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