Author: Samantha Barrett
Category: Romance | Sports
Total pages: 46

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He killed…for me.

I never got the chance to tell him the news before he fled in the middle of the night, never to be seen or heard from again. Four years later I finally made it to CHU. I busted my butt to get here, worked hard so I could make something better of myself, for him.

I made an unlikely friend, alone and with nowhere to go for the holidays. She invited me to join her and her friends. My whole world is flipped upside down when I see Beckett for the first time in four years, holding my son.

He looks at me with hate. He speaks to me like I am beneath him, he is different from the boy I once knew. Gone is the tender touch, the gentle caress of a lover, in its place is now a man hardened by choice, ruined by the life he fled from and scornful because of the girl who refused to love him even when he begged her to.


I haven't seen her in four years. Honestly, I thought I'd never see her again after that night. Here she stands, alive and well, with a kid that looks exactly like me!

She’s changed. I'm not the same miserable teenage boy she once knew, I’m a man with power, wealth and a chip on his shoulder because of her. My need for revenge festers inside me, I hate her and plan to make her pay for what she did.

I did what I felt like I needed to do to protect her, you would think she would be grateful, she wasn’t, she left me alone to deal with the aftermath. It’s time to show her how much I've grown up, she needs to see the jaded, ruthless man her absence forced me to become.

Valance Karver is going to learn the hard way that you don’t cross a Dawson and get away unscathed, her demise is my sole focus and I plan to make her fall from grace painful. She broke me years ago and now, it’s high time I return the favor.

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