Broken By the Bratva

Author: Bella King
Category: Romance | Erotic | Crime
Total pages: 93

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Broken By the Bratva

Pasha Chazov has been following me for weeks.

Hunting me like the hungry Bratva beast his is.

Desperate to claim me before his brother does.

I’m terrified of him, but he’s utterly obsessed with me.

I see the way his abs move under his fitted shirt as he hunts me.

How his vivid green eyes dance over my body.

How his sharp jaw clenches as I slip away.

Yesterday he showed up in the parking lot to prevent me from going to work.

Apparently, nobody else is allowed to see me anymore.

He wants to keep me locked away, spoiling me rotten with money, purses, and trips to Italy.

But hot nights and lavish shopping sprees don’t come without a price.

And once I discover the truth about why he wants me, it’s already too late.

I’m pregnant with his baby,

And now his brother wants me dead.


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