Dancing for the Devil

Author: Faye Pierce
Category: Romance
Total pages: 134

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Dancing for the Devil

I would do anything to save my sister. Even work for the Devil himself.

Six months have passed since my sister Celia inexplicably vanished. The police gave up looking for her today. But I won’t allow Celia’s memory to fade into oblivion. I know I can find her if I ask the right questions to the right people.

Which is why I asked Alexei for a job, as a dancer at his strip club, the very establishment where Celia once worked.

Alexei’s gaze alone has the power to kindle infernos beneath my skin.

Does he make all dancers audition for the job by stripping just for him?

None of this matters. The fear of admitting my attraction to him dominates my thoughts.

What would my sister think of me now?

Infiltrating Alexei’s inner circle is the only way to the truth I seek. Within his enigmatic presence, lies the key to my redemption. But I can’t afford to get involved with him, or I might lose my sister forever.

In the arms of the Devil, I found my salvation.

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