The Orc Queen

Author: Qua Hudso
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 108

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The Orc Queen

Igor and Aria find themselves thrust into a new chapter of their lives with the Modo tribe. As they await the birth of their offspring, they must navigate the politics of a world that remains far from welcoming.

Igor’s haunted past looms large, presenting challenges that threaten to shatter their very place in the new world.

Will he rise to the occasion and shield his mate and children from the humiliation of failure? Or will he falter, condemning them to an unimaginable fate in a cruel world where danger lurks behind every rock?

As the Goddess weaves her intricate threads, Igor and Aria must stand united as they confront insurmountable odds and adversaries determined to get rid of them.

Journey with these two souls as they strive to claim the destiny that was written for them.