Second Chance SEALs Next Door

Author: Summer Haze
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 62

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Second Chance SEALs Next Door

Bumping into my three ex-SEAL one-night stands from years ago, now living next door?
Yep, our fresh start just turned into a wild complication for me and my son.

Life as a single mom in Lilyfield seemed simple until my past walked back in – Justin, Ben, and Mason, the men from a long-ago wild night, reappear.

Justin's tender care contrasts with his fierce passion, making every moment with him a whirlwind of emotion.Ben, with his commanding presence and protective nature, stirs something deep within me.And Mason, whose quiet strength and understanding complements the trio perfectly.

They were just memories, but now they're my neighbors, and the chemistry is undeniable.
Discovering one of these ex-SEAL hunks might be my son‘s dad? It's like a plot twist in a rom-com – totally exhilarating but oh boy, kinda terrifying!

In this dance of desire and destiny, will the truth about my son's father be the key to our happiness, or lead us down a path of heartbreak?

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