The Wild Fire

Author: Cassie-Ann L. Miller
Category: Romance
Total pages: 151

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The Wild Fire

Me and my hot ex-husband.
Alone. In a cabin in the woods.
With one tiny bed.

Once upon a time, Davis Westbrook was my small town fairytale.
We fell in love at 16. Married at 21.
High school sweethearts destined for forever.

Then in one cruel moment, fate stormed in, knocked over our white picket fence and stole our happy ever after.

Davis and I moved on with separate lives.
I run the local veterinary clinic.
He is Honey Hill’s hot-as-hell chief deputy sheriff.
And we’re nothing but cordial exes, ‘politely keeping our distance’ around town.

But four years later, fate is laughing at us again.

My best friend is marrying Davis’s brother.
Which means, I’m the maid of honor. And my ex-husband is the best man.

No biggie. We can handle this.
We’re pros at the whole ‘keeping our distance’ thing.

Not so fast.

We get caught in a violent rainstorm on the way to the destination wedding.
Now, instead of ‘politely keeping our distance’ at the wedding venue, we’re stuck in a tiny cabin in the woods.

With one tiny bed.

As if that isn’t awkward enough, we have to pretend to be a happily married couple just to keep the roof over our heads.

Dammit. Fate is pulling strings again.

I was sure the spark between us would be gone by now.
Oh, I was so very wrong.

The minute our lips touch, our souls are on fire and we’re drowning in the flames.
Turns out—this thing between us isn’t just a spark. It’s a freaking wildfire.

And when our secret comes’s going to burn our hometown to the ground.