Beneath The Surface

Author: K.C. Poitras
Category: Romance
Total pages: 59

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Beneath The Surface

When a devastating tragedy shatters my life and steals away the love I once knew, there’s one question that weighs on my Do I possess the strength to rebuild?I’ve lived a glitzy life in the world of high fashion, carving out a niche as a sought-after model. I’m not looking for more when my path crosses Parker’s. He’s built a career for himself as a professional golfer on the PGA circuit, and our undeniable connection forces us to reevaluate the things we thought we wanted from life.We’re the epitome of wealthy, beautiful, and accomplished. However, when tragedy rocks our perfect existence, Parker becomes crippled by guilt and spirals into a self-destructive cycle.I have work to do to rebuild my life, but can I also rescue Parker, or has our happily ever after already slipped through our fingers?

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