Broken Pawn

Author: Faye Pierce
Category: Dark | Romance
Total pages: 100

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Broken Pawn

He is the riptide to my calmness, but I will ride his waves…

When I saw Ethan Levine, I knew he would cause chaos in my life.

Dangerously handsome, dark, and mysterious. The definition of beautiful destruction was found in his mafia cold blood.

What I didn’t know was that my uncle, the only family I had left, had backstabbed him.

So, Ethan promised to destroy me, and now he’s doing a great job at it.

He’s using and humiliating me until I can take no more. And I hate myself for still craving his possessive hands on my body.

But I always remember the truth: Ethan is my tormentor, and I’m his broken pawn.

He is the beautiful destruction I can never escape…

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