Author: Lisa Phillips
Category: Romance | Suspense
Total pages: 88

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A woman on the run.

Roxie Helton crawled away bleeding from the wreck of her life. Now she's finally found a new start, the ghost of that tragedy won't leave her alone. She tried Search and Rescue, now she's trying the Cold Case Department and Vanguard. When she's assigned the case that killed a cop years ago, she gets more than she bargained for and it almost seems like her ex isn't quite as dead as everyone thinks. Can she trust the man she thought she had to give up?
A cop fighting for family.
SWAT Sergeant Liam O'Connell came home from the Marines and followed his father's footsteps into the Benson PD. As much as he might want to ignore it, the case that killed his father has never been left to rest. But if what he was told is true, solving it will ruin his father's legacy. Then again it could also save lives, take down a dangerous Russian family, and give him back the woman he lost.

When their worlds collide, loved ones are caught up in the calamity. Everyone they care about is a target and Roxie and Liam must fight together to survive.