Getting it Right (Addy's Rollercoaster)

Author: Michelle Mankin
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 164

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Getting it Right (Addy's Rollercoaster)

Addy Footit is reeling from losses. She lost her home. Her boyfriend crushed her heart. Her girlfriend’s brother shattered what was left of her. The band she and her sister Rachel hoped would be a success is on the rocks. Addy’s plans have failed her and so has love. Worse, her previous problems have been replaced by an even more terrifying one.

Her handsome best friend might be the right one to help her put the pieces of her broken life back together. He understands her. He’s strong. He’s accustomed to adversity. But he’s younger than her. He has troubles of his own, and if she crosses that friendship line with him, she can’t uncross it. All the reasons that kept them apart in the first place remain. Plus, there’s a new one, a precious secret, a life altering one.

Will Addy escape the powerful man who is obsessed with her? Will she find trustworthy new friends to replace the ones who betrayed her? Can wounds as deep as hers heal?

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