Author: Lyssa Cole
Category: Romance
Total pages: 74

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Have you ever been in one of those relationships where you love the person no matter how much they hurt you?
They leave scars. Permanent, ugly ones that my naive self didn’t see coming.
One day it all went wrong. He hurt me and left me more guarded and closed off to the only thing I’ve ever craved. Love.
I’ve always been good at hiding my pain, being closed off to the world. I don’t let anyone see the scars from my past or my present.
Until Rhett saw them. And yet he still wanted to be my friend. Despite my damaged heart.
When Rhett helps me find my happiness again with surf lessons, volunteering at the local orphanage, movie marathons, road trips, and lots of laughter, I start to feel things I never thought I would.
Yet he insists on keeping things platonic leaving me with the proven fact that love isn’t real. I’d be stupid to open my heart up again.
As graduation looms near, Rhett is headed back home to Florida and I’m stuck here in California.
Leaving us right where we started.
Nothing more than just friends.

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