Warlander Beast Cat

Author: T.S. Joyce
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 80

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Warlander Beast Cat

Kru is trying to fit in to the newly-formed Warlander Crew on the edge of the blue dragon’s territory, but a vision from a seer has sent his head into a tailspin. He has no control of the saber-toothed tiger inside of him, and now a past that broke his animal is coming after him to finish the job. He’s finding a strange comfort in a sassy beauty who is the glue holding the Warlanders together. Cadence is the daughter of an Alpha, and her animal is tightly under control. Kru secretly admires her, but he knows he will never be a safe bet for a mate. The best he can hope for is friendship, but hanging around the trailer park with Cadence has him wishing for more. His body can’t stop craving the sexy vixen, and his animal is paying way too much attention to her. All he wants is to hide what Damon Daye has saved him from, but Cadence makes it very tempting to share his secrets. Too bad his secrets could cause a catfight that brings war to Damon’s Mountains.

Being a Warlander is pure chaos. Cadence is doing her best to make sure everyone is settling in to the trailer park, but one of the Crew has her attention more than the rest. Kru is witty, and confident, and a monster when he is Changed. That disconnect with his animal has her wanting to figure him out—a very dangerous game with a shifter like him. The closer she gets to him, the more the mysteries unravel, and now she’s in a game of cat-and-mouse that she doesn’t want to end. Kru is a big, dominant, hot, good man with a bad-boy attitude, a talent for making her feel safe, and a deep understanding of what a Crew truly should be. He has her questioning everything. He has warned her that he has a past, but she isn’t prepared for what is barreling toward the mountains she has always called home.

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