Author: Jillian Liota
Category: Romance
Total pages: 112

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Colton Palmer’s world has just imploded. In addition to sorting through his grief in the wake of unexpected betrayal, he also has to face the fact that his life as a stay-at-home dad is no longer a reality. Hiring someone to take care of his 3-year-old son is the last thing Colton wants… but he’s out of options.

Emily Burns is desperate to find a nannying job that allows her to stay in Sandalwood, even one working for the pompous jackass she exchanged verbal blows with at the bar. The guy might be an angry you-know-what, but he’s been through a lot and she decides to cut him some slack. Besides, beggars can’t be choosers, after all.

When lines are crossed and their relationship becomes physical, Colton and Emily are faced with the difficult task of deciding whether this thing between them is just a little fun, or a possible forever. But when it comes to matters of the heart, how can anyone ever be sure?

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