Lucky Bounce: Instant Replay: Part One

Author: Jennifer Lazaris
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 111

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Lucky Bounce: Instant Replay: Part One

Hockey’s hottest defenseman has got her exactly where he wants her...

Seven years ago, Holland Wilkes fell hard for college hockey star Eli Donnelley. She vowed never to crush on another gorgeous jock after getting hurt in the past, but Eli's charm, sense of humor, and wickedly sinful smile made her re-think that vow.

Until one hot night together shattered her heart and destroyed their friendship.

But that was then, and this is now.

As a reporter for the Lucky Bounce, a gossip blog dedicated to the lives, loves, and hook-ups of the Las Vegas Kingsnakes hockey team, Holly’s well-aware of Eli’s reputation off of the ice. Since they’ve reconnected a year ago, he hasn’t stopped trying to make a play for her, despite the fact she’s made it clear he has no shot.

To stack the odds in his favor, he’s promised Holly’s editor 30 days of behind-the-scenes-access to him so the Lucky Bounce can publish an exclusive feature about his life—with just one little catch: Holly has to be the one to write it.

Now, after sharing one blisteringly hot kiss, all her old feelings come roaring to the surface, and she’s not sure she’s ready to handle what the next 30 days might hold.

In order to get through this assignment, she’s going to have to revisit the past to find a way to put all of her anger and heartbreak with Eli behind her, if it’s not already too late…

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