Hopelessly Wild

Author: Leesa Bow
Category: Romance
Total pages: 120

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Hopelessly Wild

I am in paradise living with my soul mate.
Only everywhere I turn something wants to hurt me.

The challenges in my new home are never-ending.
My focus is on Samuel. With him, I feel whole.
Like our lives are entangled in a way I never saw coming.

He says the jungle is too dangerous for me.
He is right.
And to protect me, Samuel wants to send me home.
He loves me and will risk his life for me.
But he is my home, and I won’t leave unless he comes with me.

It is the only way I can protect him.
For I’m hopelessly in love with him.

How do I make him see that if we’re together I’m not afraid of anything?
Because if he gets his way and stays, I’m scared I’ll never see him again…

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