Rekindled Flame (The Next Chapter)

Author: Jeannette Winters
Category: Romance
Total pages: 47

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Rekindled Flame (The Next Chapter)

A later in life romantic comedy.

Randi Sheppard

Twenty-five years as a kindergarten teacher had been great, but I needed a change, a drastic one. I decided to chase my new dream of becoming an entrepreneur. What no one saw coming was the venture I chose. I now design and install home sex rooms.

My business was growing so fast that I hardly had time for anything else. That’s until I designed a room for Sam Bethel. I put so much work into it, yet he wanted it removed. My reputation was on the line, and somehow, I was going to get him to change his mind.

There was something the room didn’t come with, a personal home demonstration. At least that’s what I had told him. One kiss changed it all and I’m left with one question. Am I trying to get him to love the room, or fall in love with me?

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