Mister Musician

Author: B. Love
Category: Romance
Total pages: 65

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Mister Musician

Music, money, and marriage—those are the three things tying Saint to Tristan. Their marriage has never been about love, and for quite some time, Saint has been okay with that. He’s loved his music more than anything and had no desire for a healthy, loving romantic relationship or children. Just when Saint believes he’s going to spend the rest of his life married to a woman that drives him crazy, Tristan betrays him in one of the worse ways possible, forcing Saint to have to choose between marriage to her and his music or divorce and his freedom… even if that means his music career will temporarily be over.

After losing her best friend to cancer, Harmony promises to never let a relationship end on bad terms. Fast forward several years later, and Harmony finds herself facing that same battle—this time with the man she loves. Harmony’s relationship with her fiancé, Keith, has been suffering for months. Between Keith’s failing health and random bouts with depression, he leaves little room for Harmony to be a priority in their partnership. As Harmony struggles between putting herself first and being a good partner, Keith’s actions make the choice for her, ending their relationship in the process.

When Saint and Harmony meet, neither are in the market for love or even lust. The harder they try to stay away from each other, the more fate pulls them together. Like magnets, their bodies, hearts, and minds connect and become one. Just when the pair believes they are up for their happily ever after, ex partners and an unfair hand dealt by life threatens to rip them apart. Will love become the sweetest melody Mister Musician has ever played, or will his failed marriage cause him to close his heart for good, making him a one-hit love wonder?

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