Just a Wrong Turn

Author: Katie Nelson
Category: Romance
Total pages: 65

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Just a Wrong Turn

Sometimes, wrong turns lead to the right places…

Miller Brooks is determined to lead a simple, solitary life—just him and his rescue dogs. No more disappointments, no more drama, and certainly no more heartbreak. He was succeeding until the inescapably attractive Liza shot herself back into his life like an arrow racing to take out an innocent bystander.

Liza Eckland is determined to make a name for herself as a fashion designer. But in a daring attempt to go viral, she earns herself fifty hours of community service at a local dog rescue instead. To top it off, her supervisor is the reserved loner Liza once ditched to preserve her popularity in high school.

When she suddenly needs a date to her sister’s wedding, Liza comes up with an intriguing experiment that she claims will benefit Miller as well: They’ll date for one week, with the intention of making his ex-girlfriend jealous enough to want him back.

But as they entwine their lives for the camera, the experiment has an unexpected outcome: feelings. As life threatens to force Liza and Miller in different directions again, they have to decide between repeating history or risking a future.

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