Wolf Burdened

Author: Sara Snow
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 79

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Wolf Burdened

All I wanted for my afterlife was to rest in peace. But if I’m not careful, I might be resting in pieces…

I barely survived an attack from a rabid werewolf, one infected with a mysterious new disease that even the Gods can’t control. It drives the infected mad with bloodlust. Supposedly I’m not infected.

But strange things keep happening…

And when Fate declares someone has changed my fate into something she can no longer see, I feel the bloodlust rising.

But I’m still in control.

The Gods think I can help lead them to the source of the infection. It’s my only hope for a cure. But what I find out means the problem is so much deeper and more complicated than we thought.

Whatever the infection is, it’s changing me somehow, I can feel it. The question is… into what?

And if the gods can’t get this under control fast, will there even be a God Realm left to save?

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