Author: M.E. Clayton
Category: Sports | Romance
Total pages: 57

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What happens when all your dreams finally come true?

You do everything that you can to protect them.

Though life was harder than it needed to be for lots of children, Titan Miller hadn’t let the circumstances of his childhood pull him under. Though his parents had been neglectful and abusive, he’d found salvation in the bond that he’d shared with his four best friends and the little sister that he’d never had. He had learned a lot of hard lessons in life, but he’d also learned what it meant to be loyal.

Ten years later, Titan was arguably the best forward in the MLS, and he also had a reputation for loving the ladies. Though his reputation was that of an out-of-control playboy, Titan wasn’t stupid when it came to his fame, money, or talent. Determined never to be that poor, neglected, abused boy from his childhood again, he took life a lot more seriously than people gave him credit for.

Though life was harder than it needed to be for lots of children, Lux Leland hadn’t had that problem growing up. Raised by great parents, the world had been her oyster, and she knew enough to be grateful for the family that she’d been born into. While hard work made a big difference, so did the support and dedication of your loved ones, and Lux had that in spades.

Ten years later, Lux worked in public relations, and she had no one to blame but herself. As a fan of taking on life’s challenges, public relations had seemed like the ideal career move to ensure that she’d never get bored. However, it hadn’t taken long for her to realize that public relations when dealing with celebrities was akin to the Ninth Circle of Hell. Still, she knew nothing else, so public relations it was.

When it’s time to stop being afraid…
Having given his word, Titan has no problem keeping it in his pants, though the world still thinks otherwise. However, when lies about him start being splashed all over social media and the sports networks, he has no choice but to do something about it. Prepared to defend his good name, what he’s not prepared for is Lux Leland, and just like that, things get a lot more complicated.

Having given her word, Lux has no problem doing her job to the best of her ability. Her work ethic is above reproach, and she’s considered one of the best at her firm, something that she takes very seriously. However, when she gets assigned to Titan Miller and the mess that he’s found himself in, she learns the hard way that not all men are the same, especially the soccer god she’s now babysitting.

While the plan had been to say as little as possible against the false accusations circulating the media, a new plan is devised on live television, and it includes a fake relationship that is supposed to remain fake. As their phony relationship starts to become more personal between the two, being in the public eye invites more drama, and where there’s smoke, there’s usually a hot-as-fire soccer star to go with it.

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