Code Name: Sparrow (Infinitum)

Author: Laura Mowery
Category: Romance | War | Suspense
Total pages: 136

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Code Name: Sparrow (Infinitum)

I survived death, but his love may be my undoing.

Before I met Luke Reilly, the list of people I trusted was small. I was a fool to think he belonged on it. 

I've started over before. This time, it's harder—almost impossible. Luke still holds my heart in his hands and refuses to let it go. But he abandoned me, and that's a betrayal he knows I can’t forgive. Just when I’ve found a way to move on, an unexpected visitor forces me to question my resolve. 

A mysterious threat surfaces, holding deadly secrets that could shatter our world. Luke’s love left me in shreds, but when faced with the impossible, letting him piece me back together may be the key to our survival. Do I have the strength to forgive and risk my heart again, or will our enemies find us before I get the chance?

One thing is for certain… they may call me Sparrow, but I’m no fragile bird.

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