Suck It Up

Author: Emm Darcy
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 171

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Suck It Up

I was never one to believe in fairy tales, or good vs. evil. In real life, evil wins any day. Yet somehow, I convinced myself I could make a difference. I had the means to push the privileged assholes ruling my town into a corner. They’d have to give me answers, right?
So wrong.
I broke the rules. Reckoning is coming and it bears the face of a fallen angel.
Camden Hunt took everything I ever loved and crushed it in his fist. He humiliated me, broke me, and set the pieces on fire for good measure. Then when there was nothing left?
He came back for more.

There’s a usual solution to take care of problems like Morgan Brown. A fixer could have buried her in a shallow grave or made her appear so insane she would have spent the rest of her life locked in a white room.
I’m the alternative. She should thank me, really. Instead of destroying Morgan, I merely shattered a few pieces.
Pursuing her afterwards isn’t part of the plan, but I can’t let go.
She was oh so beautiful when I watched her break. I can’t resist putting her back together, only to destroy her all over again.
She’s mine to play with. Mine to claim.
Suck it up, darling.

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