Making Time for Us

Author: Nichole St. Matthews
Category: Romance
Total pages: 80

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Making Time for Us

Romance after marriage and kids requires a little extra work… and a lot of creativity.

Ellie has loved Marco Garcia since they were 18. He was her first love, and he will be her last. But long gone are the days of stolen glances and butterflies from every touch. After 16 years together, the responsibilities of adulthood and parenting their 4 young children together seem to demand all their time and energy.

When Ellie’s youngest children start school, she questions her role as a stay-at-home mom. At the same time, she is grateful to finally have the time she needs to catch her breath so she can figure out who she is and what she wants from this stage of her life, outside of being a mother. At the top of her list: reigniting the passion with her husband that’s been waiting on the back burner for years — and maybe even finding the elusive ‘O’ again.

Marco is blindsided when Ellie approaches him asking for more spice and fun in their love life. He didn’t realize she thought something was missing. He loves her and has always respected that her primary focus has been on their kids, not their relationship. After 12-hour shifts as a small-town police officer, there’s not much left for that part anyway. Confused, and a little hurt, Marco tries to find the meaning behind her request and a way to fulfill it.

Both unsure how to move forward, they have to figure it out together or suffer a far worse fate: a marriage that lacks passion ’til death do them part.

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