Stargazing With A Ghost

Author: K.L. Hiers
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 95

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Stargazing With A Ghost

Grant Mittel is the Paranormal Probe's secret weapon for ghost hunting: he's a medium.

His ability to communicate with the dead is put to the ultimate test when the crew takes on an unprecedented challenge—living at the famously haunted Allan Hotel for three months to film the new season of their ghost hunting show. The hotel has many dark secrets, and some of the spirits here have been trapped here by an unseen malevolent force.

Huck Sharpe is one of those unfortunate souls, and he's been stuck here ever since he had an accident that may not have been so accidental. Along with a colorful host of other ghosts, Huck has been haunting the hotel for years, but Grant is the first medium he's ever met. Huck finds himself drawn to Grant in a way he can't explain, and there are instant sparks of attraction when Grant reaches out to make contact.

Grant and Huck must navigate the complications of their unique romance and work together to unravel the strange mysteries of the Allan Hotel before the evil spirit here claims another victim.

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