Creole Cottage (Cypress Cove)

Author: Suzanne Jenkins
Category: Romance
Total pages: 101

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Creole Cottage (Cypress Cove)

An accidental encounter with Sheriff Dave Chastain piques more than Katrina Blanchard’s interest as chemistry and magnetism shoots the passion quotient into the danger zone.

She’d left Pensacola, following Maggie Angel to Cypress Cove. Life was falling into place for Katrina Blanchard. A promising relationship that had deflated into the comfort of an old shoe seemed like enough for her. At the pinnacle of her career, the travel it required was just enough excitement. She’d found an old Creole Cottage to restore which filled the rest of the void.

Happenstance meetings with Dave grow from admiration to love. As they settle into the enchanted cottage together, the universe has more in store for Katrina and Dave than they could have ever imagined. Cypress Cove