Ruthless Villain

Author: Faith Summers
Category: Romance | Erotic | Crime | Adult
Total pages: 133

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Ruthless Villain

My Knight. My Rebel. My Forbidden Villain …

In the dazzling lights of Vegas, I indulged in a passionate one-night stand with a man who looked like a Greek god in the flesh.
We agreed: no names, no strings attached, just an unforgettable night of fun.
The plan was simple—say goodbye and move on.
Little did I know fate had other ideas for me.
I never expected to run into Mr. Greek god in New York a week later at my father’s fundraiser.
Nor to find out that the godlike man is Luc Le Blanche, the NHL star defenseman for the Hawks.
The Hawks, as in the hockey team my father just bought.
To make matters worse, my father declares me off-limits to him because of the bitter rivalry between Luc's father and mine.
Luc has also made an enemy out of my father since the team’s sale.
Due to the control my father has over my inheritance and Luc’s career with the team, we’re forced to obey his demands.
The problem is we can’t keep our hands off each other.
Despite the stakes, neither of us can resist the magnetic pull drawing us together.
Caught between desire and duty, Luc proposes a daring solution:
We see each other in secret.

Of course I agree.

I know the risk and what’s at stake if we get caught.
I also know he can’t be mine.
Yet each stolen moment and every forbidden kiss fuels my hunger for the 6'6 tattooed hockey god.
When things get complicated, I’m not sure what will break me more.
The exposure of our secret romance.
Or falling for him…
A man my father calls the villain.

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