The Shifting Sands Beneath Us

Author: Giulia Lagomarsino
Category: Adult | Billionaire Romance | Romance
Total pages: 118

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The Shifting Sands Beneath Us

He’s a grumpy, cold-hearted billionaire.

—A workaholic that demands perfection.

He’s ruthless, harsh, and unforgiving in all aspects of business.

But that’s not the man I fell for.

I'll never forget the smooth talker who shared my cab that day—so carefree and full of life.

Stuck in a loveless, arranged marriage, I was out of options.

Until he came along and flipped my world upside down.

But that was then, and this is now.

The man I knew is gone, and all that's left is a shell where his heart used to be, and lumps of coal in place of the warm eyes that used to watch my every move.

Instead of the romantic, sweet man I came to know, he now wears an impenetrable mask of indifference.

I'm just not sure I can fight for a man I no longer recognize.