Fur & Money

Author: Meredith Clarke
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 87

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Fur & Money

I've spent ten years trying to forget my past.
I refuse to let three hot men drag me back to it.

Moving to California gave me a fresh start, where I could hide who I really was.
Conceal the darkness and pursue my dreams.

I've spent nights on the red carpet, interviewing the hottest stars.
It was supposed to make me forget that part of me that would rather howl at the moon.

For ten years, I was my father's forgotten daughter. Not a call. Not even a birthday card. Until one day, I heard the unthinkable: he was dead.

Now, I've inherited everything that was his, including his wolf shifter pack.

I don't shift, I don't lead, and I sure as hell don't Alpha. But Dean, Levi, and Hudson expect me to do exactly that.

I haven't seen them since I was thirteen and nothing has changed between us, including the attraction that I felt for them. Hot. Broody. Dark bedroom eyes that take me under.

They want me to stay in Oregon, save the pack, and protect them from the war that's brewing.

But I'm not the kind of girl who plays by the rules and it's going to take more than three hot wolf shifters to change my mind.

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