Billion-Dollar Attitudes

Author: J.P. Comeau
Category: Romance
Total pages: 286

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Billion-Dollar Attitudes

I’ll admit, the life of a lonely, single mom is messy.
But when I move to California for a fresh start,
And discover my new boss is a one-night stand from four years ago…
Things turn from messy to bizarre.

That cute surfer dude with the perfect smile, tan ripped abs, and blonde tousled hair…
Still leaves me speechless.

But a lot has changed.

He’s rich.
He’s unknowingly my daughter’s daddy.
And he’s quickly becoming my protector.

Honestly, what could a beach date, and fireworks harm,
If it lets Harper get to know her daddy…
Without the drama of explaining the truth?
Apparently, a lot when we both start falling in love with him.

But things begin to get heavy.
When a mysterious incident occurs at work,
Threatening the new life for Harper and me.
So, I can’t help but to lean on Daniel.
He’s, my rock.

Little do I know the mystery darkening our California sun is about to get darker.
The one snag? The secret I never dreamed I’d tell him,
And someone else lurking in the shadows apparently knows too.
Whoever it is, they threaten the fabric of our happiness,
And the very safety I’ve found in my sexy surfer dude’s arms.

Will Daniel accept my big surprise?
Or will my new life end up like it started, lonely and messy?

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