Saving Daddy

Author: Laylah Roberts
Category: Romance | Adult
Total pages: 284

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Saving Daddy

A Daddy in need of someone to cherish and call his own . . .
Hack has a job he loves. Great friends. Stability.
And no one special in his life.
A caregiver and protector, he needs someone to take care of.
And then Greer Savage walks right on into his life.
Incredibly brave, yet also slightly broken. Sweet and funny.
He wants to wrap her up tight in his arms and never let her go.
He just needs to help her conquer her demons first.

A Little fighting her fears . . .
Eight years ago, she fled from her nightmares.
Now, her younger brother is back from the dead and Greer has returned to the very place she ran from.
But maybe this is where she is meant to be and Hack is the man to help her put the past behind her forever.

The only problem with nightmares is that they have a way of following you wherever you go. And sometimes they just don’t want to let go.

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