Strength from Courage

Author: Kerry Taylor
Category: Romance
Total pages: 90

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Strength from Courage

Blake's life had been like one long nightmare, filled with terror and pain, but she never gave up. She fought and she survived. She built a life for herself, outside of her past.

Then three monsters took her. She had thought she was broken already, but they obliterated any tiny shards of herself she had been clinging to, smashing everything she had ever been to nothing but dust.

She was done fighting. Done surviving.

But an unexpected light came into her life, illuminating the pitch darkness she had fallen into, and a promise pulled Blake back from the very brink of giving up.

Now Blake has so much good in her life - family who love her and four guys who make her feel safe and cherished in a way she never even imagined possible. Day by day they are all showing her life can be bright and joyful, and proving to her that she doesn't have to keep fighting alone because they will protect her, always.

But with an unknown enemy becoming increasingly bold in their attempts on Blake's life and old monsters crawling from the shadows, can they really keep their promises? Can Declan, Grey, Liam, and Tom help her overcome the demons of her past and the monsters of her present, to find the strength she needs to take the future she wants with all of them?