No Longer Afraid (Predators MC)

Author: Christina C. Jones
Category: Suspense | MC | Romance
Total pages: 146

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No Longer Afraid (Predators MC)


A name – a definition – that was never supposed to be triumph, but a condemnation. A reminder of a certain place in the world – of a responsibility to the other living beings in the ecosystem.

As second-in-command of the Predators MC, Tatiana Tate is well-versed in both the expectations and reality of sustaining her way of life. In the wake of a tragedy that shook the whole organization, she’s had no issues stepping into power beside her lifelong friend – her brother. But even in the midst of their efforts to rebuild, the need for revenge against an unknown hunter looms in the shadows.

Good thing the shadows are more than familiar to Onyx – he thrives there on the fringes, with no place to truly call home. Orphaned by cruel decisions made before he was born, he’s the perfect secret weapon in the club’s struggle against an unidentified foe with a mostly ambiguous agenda.

They want the Predators wiped out.

That much is clear.

But nobody with Predator ink goes down without a fight.

Even the strongest prey isn’t immune to a determined predator.

But wise prey studies, until they are no longer afraid.

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