Memories Of You

Author: Leigh Fenty
Category: Romance | Western
Total pages: 155

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Memories Of You

It’s one thing to wake up in New Mexico and not remember how you got there or why you were there. It’s quite another to realize you also have no idea who you are.

It was the face of an angel that saved him from panicking. A guardian angel, that is, in the form of a nurse named Ember. She was a light in a very dark tunnel and she decided to call him John Sherlock.

It’d be a long road to get back to who he was and where he was from. But John didn’t mind too much. Not with Ember watching over him.

But with no knowledge of his past or who might be out there looking for him, did John dare give into his growing feelings for Ember?

When John’s old life crashes into his new one, he finds himself on another long road. One that leads him away from Ember. Can he find his way back to her? And will she be there waiting for him if he does?

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